Mar. 10th, 2010

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Title: The Hint of a Spark
Author: [ profile] waltzforanight
Fandom: The Invisible
Characters/Pairing: Brian Larson, Kate Tunney; Brian/OMC (with references to past Brian/OFC)
Word Count: 31,008
Rating: R
Spoilers: Yes, for the whole movie, including some of the deleted scenes.
Warnings: Canon character death, dark themes, mild language and sexytimes, as well as brief mentions of an abusive relationship and a miscarriage (not related incidents).
Summary: He blinks his eyes into focus, surprised by the darkness of the room. Groaning, he rolls onto his side and fumbles for the phone, sparing a second to look at the digital alarm clock next to the bed. It's not even six in the morning, and that gives him a sinking feeling deep in his gut. The only reason anyone gets a phone call this early is when it's bad news.

Notes: Okay, so this monster of a fic was written for [ profile] lucifuge_5 as part of [ profile] help_haiti. It is, essentially, a retelling of the movie from the POV of a character who is not a whiny teenager. (I like the movie a lot, but I call 'em like I see 'em.) More than that, it's a look at a character from the film that is woefully underdeveloped, and how their life might be affected by the events of the film. Luce, my apologies for the delay, but I do hope you enjoy. :D And of course, a million thank yous to [ profile] akamine_chan and [ profile] snoopypez for performing beta duties and helping me fix things that were giving me fits. You ladies are AWESOME. \o/

For your convenience, you can read the fic either in four parts on LJ, or all in one go over at AO3, whichever is preferable.


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